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In International is expanding its market presence worldwide to fulfill needs of renowned sports appeal brands and sport clubs. To achieve continuous growth Teamgearingind focus on market trends, new development and requirements. Teamgearingind recessive an order from its business counter part, plan production and initiate working on an order. The following production processes are listed and explained.


Factory develop pattern based on design/artwork send by client according to measurements chart. Patterns are kept buyer wise and proper product code and picture of final product pasted on pattern for proper trace ability and identification.

Pre-production sample is made and send to customer for inspection and approval. Once PP sample is approved by customer, production of order initiated.


In international always Emphasize To Use Top Quality Raw Material To Achieve Best Quality Products. The skin of a boxing glove is top grain tanned leather, most often cowhide or goatskin because of their durability and flexibility. Lesser-quality gloves will be made from vinyl, but most sanctioning bodies amateur and professional require leather gloves.

Almost all fabric are stored in fabric store. Fabric inspection is done prior to issue fabric for cutting products.


In international Based on style requirement, gloves cutting are provided in different Pieces But cutting of garment component are done two ways such as fixed cutting and block cutting. Fixed cutting – In case excess fabric at seam lines does not required for following processes such as printing and embroidery fixed cutting is done. Block cutting is done for Printing, Embroidery and Digital Printing (Sublimation) process for some designs. In some cases, block cutting is required for few component and rest components are cut fixed shape in same lays. All components are numbered with sticker or marker and stored. Numbering is done to ensure that garment components are attached from same layer and size. Cutting auditing is done for cut components as well as bundles.


Screen printing is a process that uses inks that are applied to a substrate. ... Screen printing pricing is usually determined by the number of colors being used and the number of items being printed with the same custom design. 
Embroidery is a process where thread is stitched into your custom product.


The leather shell of a boxing glove is first sewn together inside out. Stitching is often done on an industrial sewing machine with some of the smaller pieces and finish work being completed by hand.

In international private label for established brands to high fashion boutiques to new garment lines. With years in the sports apparel industry, we are experts in working with all kinds of fabrics. We’ve produced garments for all the major sports; football, baseball, basketball, and more!  In addition to sports uniforms, promotional wear. We also produce lady’s casual garments like blouses, skirts, trouser, hoodies and polos.

Our speciality machines include but are not limited to coverstitch, single needle, double needle, bar tack, buttonhole, safety stitch and more

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Pressing / Ironing

As mentioned earlier most of the orders do not required washing process and thread cutting, checked garments are directly moved to pressing table. Garments pressed using steam iron.

Folding Tagging and Packing

Pressed garments are folded with tissue paper and tagged with customer instructed tags which may include Hang tag, Price tag and special care instruction tag. Tagged garments are packed into poly bags.


IM International always dispatch shipment through renowed international courier services like DHL, FedEx, UPS etc. As soon as shipment was picked up a tracking number is intimated to client. Every time we ensure fastest delivery of shipment also for Air cargo and By Sea shipments 


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